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Woman renounces Cypriot citizenship over state’s apathy towards rights of disabled

A woman holding Greek and Cypriot citizenship has decided to renounce the Cypriot one because she is infuriated with the indifference of authorities over apparent violations of rights of people with disabilities.

This is what Demetris Lambrianides who heads the island’s paraplegic association told a parliamentary committee on Tuesday.

The woman, he explained, is of Greek origin but married to a Cypriot and living on the island for many years.

She recently applied to renounce her Cypriot citizenship due to the misuse of the disabled parking spot in her apartment building.

She was even attacked by other tenants after she defended the right of people with disabilities, a couple of whom live in that complex.

The woman posted a letter on social media where she sets out the reasons for her decision to give back the Cypriot natonality.

The specific parking spot was allegedly used by a male resident who imports and sells used cars.

The slot was continuously occupied by cars with foreign licence plates with the consent from the management committee of the building, she said.

The woman, who wondered where the state is since reports had been made, also noted that she had been the victim of a racist attack and had reported it to the police. That was back in October.




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