News Local Woman remanded on suspicion of obtaining €5000 'to lift magic spell'

Woman remanded on suspicion of obtaining €5000 ‘to lift magic spell’

A  35 year old woman from Paphos is in custody as police investigate a complaint that she had persuaded another woman to given her €5000 to ‘lift a magic spell’ that had led to a break-up in her relationship, Phileleftheros reports.

It said that the woman appeared before Nicosia district court yesterday and was remanded in custody for six days. Police are investigating she took money under false pretences.

It follows a complaint lodged by a woman from Nicosia who said she had given her €5000 after the suspect claimed she would ask a friend to lift a magic spell that the suspect said would allow the Nicosia woman to resume her relationship after a breakup.

The suspect allegedly first asked for €1,000 and then for another €4,000. The alleged offences took place in April and May.

The Nicosia woman lodged her complaint at the urging of her family that she had been duped.

The suspect said she did not object to the case being investigated but objected to a remand for six days because she said she suffers from claustrophobia and has two young children.

The court nevertheless approved police’s request for a six day remand to allow for statements to be taken from witnesses in other towns.

The court also ordered that the suspect be given any medical care required.

After the hearing the suspect fainted outside the court room and was taken to Nicosia Hospital.


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