Eat & Drink Larnaca Where can you find healthy fast food in Cyprus?

Where can you find healthy fast food in Cyprus?

By Stephanie Michael

If you love smart recipes and want to grab something quick to eat, but also tasty, then this guide will tell you where to do it.

Get Fresh

Healthy eating fans are well aware of this restaurant, since it offers a variety of choices. Its menu, among others includes cool salads, hot and cold sandwiches, wraps, salmon, chicken as well as interesting day dishes. Genuine products and raw materials make a difference, while superfoods give flavor in every dish. It also offers smoothies, fresh juices and small snacks.

Andrea Demetriou 4D & Limassol Avenue 2, Nicosia


Monday-Friday: 7:30-17:00 – Saturday: 9:00-17:00

Olives & Burgers

Our favourite spot that offers healthy choices which are based on products like quinoa, avocado and other superfoods. Here, you can try delicious veggie burgers and wraps, fresh juices, smoothies, refreshing salads and sweets without gluten and sugar.

Prodromou 37D, Engomi, Nicosia


Monday-Saturday: 8:00-16:00


The first –exclusively – salad bar that opened in Nicosia, is well known to people in Ireland and the UK. The first restaurant of the chain in Nicosia offers delicious salads that are prepared in front of you and served with a wide variety of meats, fish, sweet potatoes and many more ingredients. It also offers wraps.

Themistokli Dervi 27, Nicosia


Monday-Sunday: 12:00-22:30

Inga’s Veggie Heaven

This vegetarian restaurant, with its Icelandic chef does noes stop experiment with oroganic ingredients and making dishes from every corner of the world. Here you will find tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes like beetroot falafel, vegan Moroccan shepherd’s which will delight your palate.

Dimonaktos 2, Nicosia


Tuesday-Saturday: 9:30-17:00

Zest Coffee + Kitchen

A special and welcoming place in the heart of Nicosia which fills its menu with tasty dishes made with organic products. From salads and vegetables to chicken, fish, legumes, pasta and low-fat sweets.

Vasilissis Friderikis 13, Nicosia


Monday-Friday: 08:30-18:00, Saturday 10:00-16:00

Green Foods & Bio

In Green Foods & Bio you can try dishes based on vegeterian, raw and paleo diet. The interior is designed in a casual, modern style and offers a big variety of healthy foods. You can also shop takeaway pastries, breads, deli products, coffee and wine.

Athalassas Avenue 130, Nicosia


Monday-Friday: 8.00-18.00, Saturday: 08:00-16:00

Greek Natural

While crossing the busy Strovolos Avenue, you should stop and try this wonderful shop. There, you will find many healthy offers from fresh salads and sandwiches to fruit salads, yoghurts and energy bars. Greek Natural also serves a wide variety of superfood, smoothes and juices.

Strovolos Avenue 99, Nicosia

22 004282

Monday-Friday: 8:00-18:00, Saturday: 9:00-14:00

Catch-Eat Snack Bar

This wonderful shop in Archibishop Makarios street in Limassol will give you a healthy mood. There you will find a variety of healthy dishes. If you love brunch, try its tasty omelettes which are made with ingredients of your choice. The menu is dominated by veggie burgers, fresh salads, and Mexican tortillas with chicken, quinoa and mushrooms. You can also find fruit salads, yoghurts, fresh juices and smoothies.

Archibishop Makarios Street, 32C Mesa Geitonia, Limassol

25 752475

Monday-Friday: 7:30-17:00, Saturday: 8:00-16:00

Simply fresh

A shop that focuses on clean eating, using fresh and pure ingredients.

The menu gives emphasis to the dishes of the day which are based on traditional Mediterranean flavours. Legumes, fresh salads, burgers, chicken in wholemeal pittas are some of the dishes that stand out. Their weekly soups are a must!

Agias Fylaxeos 76A, Limassol

25 335150

Monday-Friday: 7:00-17:00, Saturday: 9:00-15:00

Green Life

One of the most special restaurants in Limassol, which stands out for its menu and which offers a healthy break choice in the heart of the city. The menu is limited to fresh salads and sandwiches, but Green Life offers the choice of creating the smoothie of your choice, prepared with fresh fruits in front of you.

Fresh juices, fruit salads, yoghurts and protein shakes and healthy deserts made with organic products without gluten, complete the menu.

Anastasi Soukri 1, Themis Tower – Shop 8, Limassol

77 778586

Monday-Friday: 8:00-20:00, Saturday: 10:00-15:00-19:00-20:00

The Salad Bar

Salad Bar in Larnaca offers healthy food made with pure materials. Whether you love vegetarian dishes or prefer Mediterranean flavours, here you will find what you need. Fresh salads, filling wraps and jacket potatoes are some of the menu choices.

The falafel wrap combo with tahini, carrot and tomatoes is a must. If you crave a desert, try the wrap with peanut butter and banana. It’s delicious!

Griva Digeni 12, Larnaca

24 626280

Monday-Friday: 10:30-21:00

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