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Water pumped from the sea to the land for Cyprus’ high-rise buildings

Over 13 million cubic metres of groundwater will be pumped out in Limassol alone between 2019 and 2022 for the coastal town’s construction of high-rise buildings, according to a scientific study.

Phileleftheros also reported on Saturday that this incredible amount of water is essential for the viability of underground facilities of towers which are springing up rapidly in the coastal town.

In fact, in some cases excavations have reached a point where seawater is pumped from land due to the penetration of the sea.

It is a different picture in coastal Larnaca since pumping groundwater is limited to 129,361 cubic meters, based on today’s data and up until 2022. And the impact in coastal Paphos is much smaller.

The study focuses on the capacity of the coasts of Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca in relation to the disposal of groundwater resulting from high-rise developments.

It was carried out after concerns were raised over the large quantities of water to drained or discharged following excavations for construction purposes.


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