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Water dams at 90%

The dams of Cyprus are a sight to behold this summer despite the channelling of large amounts of water from them for water supply and irrigation purposes.

This happy occurrence is a good indication that dry spells will hopefully be avoided for the near future.

The monitoring of dams continues even now that the flow of water to them is almost non-existent and rainfalls are rare.

The Department of Water Development constantly has its eyes fixed on them and measures the levels of water stored in the dams daily.

According to the last measurements made on Friday, July 24th, there were 265,808 million cubic meters of water stored within all dams combined and their overall fullness was 91.4%.

In the corresponding period from last year, the dams contained 260.827 million cubic meters of water and their overall fullness was 89.7%.

Source: Philenews

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