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Vaccination portal against COVID-19 presented (updated)

The Deputy Minister of Digital Policy Kyriakos Kokkinos and Olga Kalakouta, Deputy Director of Medical and Public Health Services presented the new portal of GESY for the vaccinations against COVID-19 which will be in operation as of tomorrow.

Olga Kalakouta said that during the last 10 days they used mobile units and began the vaccination of people who had priority, meaning old people and staff working in hospitals.

Now the Health Ministry will proceed with the second phase which includes the vaccination of people over 80 years of age. Vaccinations will take place at the 38 primary health centers which will work from 06:00 until 19:00.

For people over 16, priority will be given to the most vulnerable groups.

As of 5 January people can make an appointment online. For the time being only people 80 years of age and over can been accepted.

According to the Deputy Minister of Digital Policy, the software includes three portals: the portal of Beneficiaries of Vaccinations, that has to do with the citizens and through which the appointments will be made, the Portal of Vaccination Centers, and the Portal of Data which will operate at a central level (Health Ministry).

Through the software, the Health Ministry will be able to monitor both the progress of the program and the availability and reserves of vaccines.

Regarding the appointments, the citizens will have the ability to choose the Vaccination Center they want, while they will also be able to issue an electronic certificate of vaccination.

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