NewsLocalUpdated: Search parties 'to exhaust all possibilities' to find murder victims

Updated: Search parties ‘to exhaust all possibilities’ to find murder victims


Fire services chief Markos Trangolas said on Monday that authorities will exhaust every possibility to find the bodies of a woman and a child, victims of a 35 year old self-confessed serial killer at two lakes in Mitsero and Xyliatou.

He spoke as the search continued at both lakes, with divers at Kokkini Limni combing the lake from morning to late in the afternoon. Trangolas said the search there would require another 15 days before every possibility is exhausted, he added.

Israeli experts are searching Memi lake with a robotic camera and another system he added. They will remain in Cyprus until the end of the week to search areas pinpointed by sonar equipment with the robotic camera.

“A study of the findings of the sonar has given several targets and we are working on these. We will exhaust every possibility and these are our instructions — to exhaust every possibility to find the victims,” he said.

Trangolas said that once the divers had finished at Kokkini Limni, the next step will be to search areas where divers cannot go for safety reasons. Search parties will therefore use a special sweeper to check the mud.

Divers are searching Kokkini Limni at Mitsero for a suitcase where it is believed that the 35 year old disposed the body of 30 year old Maricar Aquinar.

In Xyliatos’ lake Memi, divers are looking for six year old Sierra Granze, daughter of Mary Rose Tubiurco whose body was found in an abandoned mine shaft Mitsero in mid-April, triggering a protracted search for more victims.

A team of Israeli experts arrived at Xyliatos on Monday morning to assist the search using robotic cameras.

At Mitsero, divers from the private company Brasal Marine Services and the fire service’s disaster response unit Emak are combing the area’s Kokkini Limni.

Meanwhile, philenews reports that the 35 year old army officer who has reportedly admitted to killing five women and two children is due back in court on Wednesday for the renewal of his remand.

Initial reports had suggested that the suspect, who went by the online name of Orestes, would be formally charged and sent direct to trial. But police require more time for the results of tests and to take a few more statements and will therefore request a renewal of his remand, it added.

Photos Eliza Koulapi

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