News Local UPDATE-Coronavirus: Supermarkets say ample stocks, mull capping antiseptic purchases

UPDATE-Coronavirus: Supermarkets say ample stocks, mull capping antiseptic purchases

Supermarkets have urged consumers to stay calm and assured that there are ample stocks.

In a statement to philenews on Monday, the executive director of the island’s Supermarket Association, Andreas Hadjiadamou said following the announcement of new measures by President Nicos Anastasiades, there has been a minor panic at the supermarkets.

He assured the public that there is no reason to panic and there are adequate stocks.

Hadjiadamou said that restocking and resupply was proceeding normally and urged consumers to be socially responsible and put public health above everything.

Consumers are urged to carry out ‘small’ visits to supermarkets and have a list of the products they need.

“They should be organised,” he added.

Supermarkets are continuing to take all the necessary steps as regards rules of hygiene and there is cooperation with the competent authorities.

Supermarkets will adhere to the rule as to the number of consumers allowed to be inside per square metre with “discipline and respect”, Hadjiadamou said adding that there will be checks and monitoring to ensure implementation.

Hadjiadamou also told CNA that the supermarket association is considering placing a limit to the number of antiseptics sold to each customer to prevent stocks from — temporarily — running out, calling on the public to not buy more than they need so that they don’t deprive other consumers of the products.

He assured that antiseptics are out of stock at many supermarkets daily but they are replenished the following day, although demand has skyrocketed hence capping the number of antiseptics per customer is being considered.

“We have already instructed supermarkets to try to adopt this practice. If the trend continues, we will do everything we can to have this practice enforced by all supermarkets. We will monitor the situation and act accordingly,” he noted.

He finally said that no cases of profiteering on increased demand in antiseptics has been observed, and that the Association will take measures if any such incidents occur.

Asked on electronic or telephone services by supermarkets, he said that some supermarkets are already providing them, not excluding the possibility that more will do so soon.

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