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Unemployment in February down; highest recorded in hotel industry

The number of registered unemployed in Cyprus in February 2020 dropped to its lowest level since August 2009, according to data released by the island’s Statistical Service.

This is proof of the big improvement in the labour market partly because of a better economic climate and because of the tendency of businesses to hire, Phileleftheros reports.

The data which is provided by district labour offices has the number of registered unemployed by end of last month reaching 25,620. Data adjusted for seasonal fluctuations, which also shows the trend of unemployment, has the number of registered unemployed in February decreasing to 19,740 persons compared to 19,978 the month before.

The highest unemployment by economic activity in February was recorded in the hotel and the catering services sector, reaching 9,214. But this is mainly due to the winter season’s suspension of operations at hotels.

The sector of wholesale and retail trade of motor vehicles and motorcycles, the registered unemployed reached 4,212, the manufacturing sector recorded 1,426, and 1,018 were in administrative and support activities.

In addition, the public administration and defense sectors recorded 1,003 unemployed, 482 in education, 339 in health-related and social care professions, and 514 in the arts and entertainment sector.

The highest number of unemployed in February were service workers and salespeople (8,305), office workers, typists, cleaners, clerks and unskilled labourers (6,104), cashiers (3,859), skilled and other specialists (1,728) , technical assistants (1,014), technicians (1,145), production workers, managers and administrators (856), military personnel (41), and farmers and skilled agricultural workers (52).

Most unemployed in February, that is 6,656, were aged between 30-39 followed by the age group of 50-59 with a total of 5,841. At the age of 40-49, unemployed amounted to 5,700 while 6,656 were between 30-39. Unemployed under the age of 20 were 147, 1,362 between 20-24 and 3,191 between 25-29.

The age group of 60-64 recorded 2,544 unemployed in February. Those aged 65 and over were 179. Most unemployed in February were in Famagusta district with a total of 6,335, followed by Nicosia with 5,890, Limassol with 5,144, Larnaca with 4,394 and Paphos with 3,887.

Of the registered unemployed, 10,092 were in the category of upper secondary education, 6,812 had primary education, 6,258 higher education, 2,299 secondary technical education and 159 no education.

The duration of unemployment for the majority of registered unemployed, that is 10,836, is between three and six months.


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