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Unemployment in Cyprus down but still a long way to go

The number of registered unemployed in Cyprus fell by 16.7% in August compared to the corresponding month in 2018 but the road is still long before long-term unemployment is eradicated.

Based on data released by the Statistical Service the number of registered unemployed at the District Labour Offices was down to 19,883 by end of August.

Of the total number of unemployed, 3,992 were out of the labour market for over 12 months and another 3,258 between six to 12 months. These people come under the category of long-term unemployment.

In addition, 1,176 people were unemployment for up to 15 days, 8,525 for up to three months and 2,932 for up to three to six months.

Moreover, a high number of unemployed people were aged between 50-59 (4,356) and 60-64 (2,062). A total of 6,148 made up the largest group of unemployed which is aged between 30-39 (5,962).

And another 3,895 were aged between 40-49, those between 25-29 were 2,528 and 899 were between 20-24 years old.

As for their education level, most of the unemployed (8,210) have tertiary-level education, 7,406 are secondary-level graduates, 2,676 are with elementary education, 1,512 with technical education and 79 without any education.

In addition, 15,644 unemployed are Greek Cypriots, 86 Turkish Cypriots, 2,289 EU nationals and 1,864 are foreigners.

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