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Unemployed single-parent of three in danger of becoming homeless

An unemployed, 47 year old, single father of three from Limassol is in danger of becoming homeless, philenews reported.

The man, a former construction worker, has been unemployed for eight years due to health problems and has been receiving rent allowance from the state. However, his landlord asked him to leave the house he and his three children – aged 14,13 and 9 – had been residing in.

Without a permanent address to declare, he is now in danger of losing the €474 allowance.

The family is currently staying at a friend’s house, in a small room with one bed and two sofas, the 47 year old man told philenews.

He said that he contacted the Welfare Service numerous times and last week sent a letter to the Labour Ministry asking for an increase in his monthly benefit allowance, however he has yet to receive a response.

A friend offered to give him a car which belonged to her dead grandfather, which had unpaid road tax since 2015. They asked the Department of Road Transport to forgive the road tax as charity, but received a negative answer.

Call for help

The man is calling on the Welfare Services and the public for help.

He says that his main concern is to ensure a shelter and food for his children and himself.

Philenews noted that Limassol Bishopric, which is active in helping the needy, could to take notice of the matter.

Whoever wants to speak with the family or possibly help can contact [email protected]


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