NewsLocalTwo more arrests as police probe sham wedding case

Two more arrests as police probe sham wedding case

Police have made two more arrests as they continue investigations into an apparent ring that secured forged documents to facilitate sham weddings between third country nationals and EU citizens.  The two are aged 25 and 27.

Philenews said the man, aged 25 is from Bangladesh and his wife from Romania.

Four other people are under arrest in connection with the same case — three people were arrested last Thursday and one on Saturday. There are outstanding warrants for 22 more.

The investigation concerns a case of conspiracy to forge documents with intent to facilitate third country nationals to enter the Republic of Cyprus.

In an announcement, police said that as part of their investigations, they found that in the case of 13 civil weddings between EU citizens and third country nationals carried out at one municipality, the work contracts submitted with the personal files were forged. Police did not name the municipality.

The case is being investigated by police headquarters.

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