NewsWorldTwo Greek men to be charged with spying for Turkey

Two Greek men to be charged with spying for Turkey

Greek authorities will press charges for espionage against two Greek citizens working on the southeastern island of Rhodes, police said on Sunday.

According to Greek media, the two Muslims of Greek ethnic origin are believed to have been spying for Turkey.

One of the suspects has been working aboard a ferry from Rhodes to the Greek island of Kastellorizo, just off the Turkish coast. The other was said to be working at the Turkish consulate in Rhodes.

The tiny island of Kastellorizo, just two kilometres off the Turkish coast, lies in disputed waters that have been a source of escalating tensions between Turkey and Greece.

Reports said the man working on the ferry was reporting the position of Greek Navy ships, and providing other information concerning Greek army forces on the islands to the other suspect.

According to the Greek police’s statement, the investigation that led to the charges ‘was conducted in close cooperation with the Greek National Intelligence Service, EYP.’

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