NewsLocalTwo explosive devices go off in Paphos overnight

Two explosive devices go off in Paphos overnight

Paphos police responded to two explosions  after an improvised low intensity device went off outside a house in Mouttalos and a Molotov  cocktail was thrown at a house elsewhere in the town overnight with authorities investigating whether the two incidents are linked.

The first explosion occurred at 11 pm on Monday night outside the entrance of a house belonging to a 57 year old resulting in minor damage to the house and breaking the windows of neighbouring houses.

While police were investigating, a Molotov cocktail was  thrown at the house of a 21 year old some 20 minutes later sparking a fire which was put out by residents.

Police investigations have intensified with the the first light of day.

Philenews said police believe the two incidents are linked  between them and are drug related, with the Molotov cocktail thrown into retaliation to the first explosive device.

Police have issued arrest warrants for the 21 year old and the 22 year old who lives with his father in the other house.  The 22 year old has already been arrested and police are looking for the second young man.



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