Taste of Cyprus Sweets Two-Coloroured halva

Two-Coloroured halva

Impress your guests with this amazing, alternative recipe of two-coloured cypriot halva!

½ cup of seed oil
1/3 cup almonds grounded
1 1/3 cup of semolina
3 cups of hot water
3/4 cup of sugar
1 cup of rozewater

For the pink mixture
½ cup of seed oil
1 ½ cup of semolina
1/3 cup halepiana (Aiginis Peanuts) coarsely ground
3 cups of water
2/3 cup of sugar
½ cup of rose water
1 cup of rose syrup

Step 1
Add the seed oil in a pot and roast the almonds.

Step 2
Add the semolina and roast a little bit more.

Step 3
Pour the water, the sugar, the rose water and boil, from the time that mixture is boiled and then, boil for another 2 minutes.

Step 4
Mix the halva continuously until it thickens.

Step 5
Wet a cake mold with a hole in the middle, turn it upside down and pour the halva mixture into it.

Then prepare the pink mixture:

Step 1
Clean the cake mold, pour the seed oil and roast the semolina. Then add halepian to stir (1-2 times) and pour water, sugar, rose water and rose syrup.

Step 2
Allow the mixture to boil, lower the heat and stir for 2 minutes. Then, put the mixture in the bowl with a hole in the middle.

Step 3
Allow it to coolen and then, if you want,  put it in the refrigerator to freeze.

Step 4
However, you can enjoy halva at a room temperature instead of refrigerated.

Step 5

Unmold in a platter and enjoy!

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