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Tourists in Cyprus – Where do they actually come from

Tourism is a timeless and stable pillar that contributes to the economic growth of Cyprus. Seasonality and dependence on two or three markets are the main characteristics of the island’s tourist product.

The United Kingdom is the main tourist source for Cyprus with 34%, followed by Russia with 20.3%, Israel with 6.2% and Sweden with 4%.

The aim is to increase tourism from other countries and the arrival of new airlines and connectivity with other countries to and from Cyprus are expected to contribute toward this goal.

Cyprus Tourism Organization celebrates the fact that this year, with the exception of the two main markets (United Kingdom and Russia), the total share of the remaining markets increased to 46% from last year’s 42%.

Other countries which contribute to Cyprus’ tourist product include Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ukraine and Poland.


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