Insider Economy Tourist arrivals reach record high in January due to increase of UK...

Tourist arrivals reach record high in January due to increase of UK tourists

Tourist arrivals in January set a new record for the month, rising an annual 8% to 81,970 in January 2019 compared to 75,867 in January 2018, latest Passenger Survey figures show.

Tourist arrivals from the United Kingdom increased by 17.6% in January 2019 compared to January 2018 while an increase of 5,4% was also recorded for tourists from Israel. Contrary to that, a decrease of 2.0% in tourist arrivals from Greece and 27.3% from Russia were recorded.

Main countries

The United Kingdom constitutes the main source of tourism for Cyprus for January 2019, with a proportion of 28.6% while arrivals from Greece comprise 13.7% of total arrivals, from Israel 10.6%  and from Russia 9.6%.

Purpose of visit

For a percentage of 53.5% of tourists, the purpose of their trip in January 2019 was holidays, for 25.2% visit to friends and relatives and for 21.2% business.

Country of usual residence January
Tourist arrivals % change 2019/18
2017 2018 2019
TOTAL 62,611 75,867 81,970 8.0
Austria 341 338 503 48.8
Belgium 527 482 378 -21.6
France 1,027 1,187 746 -37.2
Germany 2,206 2,431 3,291 35.4
Denmark 228 280 385 37.5
Switzerland (incl. Lichten.) 277 555 725 30.6
Greece 8,460 11,436 11,204 -2.0
United Kingdom 17,404 19,945 23,447 17.6
Israel 5,241 8,240 8,684 5.4
Lebanon 1,075 1,739 1,478 -15.0
Norway 265 351 873 148.7
Netherlands 299 383 518 35.2
Ukraine 1,130 1,687 2,079 23.2
Poland 1,062 1,882 2,119 12.6
Russia 13,677 10,832 7,876 -27.3
Sweden 378 392 881 124.7
Finland 72 64 191 198.4
Other 8,942 13,643 16,592 21.6


Table 2  
Country of usual residence of tourists Percentage (%)
Jan.18 Jan.19
United Kingdom 26.3 28.6
Greece 15.1 13.7
Israel 10.9 10.6
Russia 14.3 9.6
Germany 3.2 4.0
Poland 2.5 2.6
Ukraine 2.2   2.5
Other countries 25.6 28.4


Table 3
Purpose of visit Percentage (%)
Jan 17 Jan 18 Jan 19
Holidays 53.0 55.2 53.5
Visiting friends & relatives 24.3 24.3 25.2
Business 22.5 20.4 21.2

Methodological notes


Tourists – Visitors who stay for at least one night in Cyprus.

Tourist arrivals – The term refers to the number of trips and not to the number of persons. This differs in the sense that one person can take more than one trips during the reference period.

Source of data and coverage

The data are obtained from the Passengers Survey which is conducted in the arrivals and departures halls in the airports of Larnaka and Pafos, as well as from administrative sources such as the monthly arrivals at ports.

The survey covers all persons who pass through passport control at the ports and airports in the Government controlled area of Cyprus. It does not include travelers who arrive and depart illegally via ports and airports in the occupied part of Cyprus.

The weighting of data is conducted based on the data sent to the Statistical Service by the Civil Aviation Department and from the ship manifests, as well as data sent by the Analysis and Statistics Office of the Cyprus Police.

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