NewsLocalTotal of 405,557 movement permission SMS sent out on Monday

Total of 405,557 movement permission SMS sent out on Monday

A total of 125,364 SMS asking permission to buy food and other primary necessities were sent out on Monday – the second day of the island’s new lockdown.

Another 85,128 were asking permission for exercise, according to Philenews which added that a total of 405,557 sms to 8998 went out. The valid ones were 354,747.

These are the eight valid reasons one should ask for movement  permission:

1: Pharmacy or blood donation or doctor visit or Covid test or vaccination

2: Shopping for supplies/services, including take away

3: Bank, if an online transaction is not possible

4: Absolutely necessary visit to government departments or departments of the wider public sector or local administration

5: To help people who cannot look after themselves or cannot protect themselves or are in isolation at home or designated quarantine premises

6: Physical exercise or individual training provided access is allowed at the venue

7: To attend a funeral, wedding, christening, by first and second degree relatives who do not exceed 10 or for individual prayer

8: Any other reason that can be justified on the basis of the restrictions


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