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Total of 1,176 sexually abused children called for help over past four years

A total of 1,176 children who were sexual abused have called out for help and got it from The Children’s House which was established in Cyprus in 2017.

This is what Philenews reported on Friday, citing shocking data provided by head of “Voice” NGO board chairman Anastasia Papadopoulou.

At a press conference in Nicosia, Papadopoulou disclosed additional data showing that The Children’s Home was approached by:

► 136 children for years 2017-2018

► 295 children in 2019

► 324 children in 2020

► 421 children in 2021 (up to date)

In addition:

► 68.5% of underage victims are girls and 31.5% are boys

► 72.9% are Cypriots

► 43.3% of the cases have the perpetrator being very familiar with the  abused child. Specifically, in 36.9% of the cases the perpetrator was within the family and only in 9.4% of cases the perpetrator was unknown.

These figures come once again to confirm that in the majority of cases of sexual abuse of minors have as an offender a person of trust or a person of the close circle of children.

The Children’s House is funded by the Social Welfare Services of the Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance.


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