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Tonnes of rubbish collected under environmental campaign

Two tonnes of rubbish and 531 tonnes of recyclable rubbish were collected by members of the Network of Coastal Businesses of the Lanitis Bros Company and another five tonnes of rubbish was recycled from 50 PMD bins within the past three months, under the Zero Waste Beach programme ‘Collection of hundreds of tonnes of rubbish’.

The campaign is being implemented since last year by the AKTI Project and Research Cenre and Coca-Cola in Cyprus, with the support of the Coca-Cola Foundation. A press release from the company said that within the scope of the campaign, 18 coastline cleanups and 10 seabed cleanups were carried out. On the occasion of October 24, which is dedicated to the Mediterranean coast, the company said that unfortunately Cyprus’ coastal areas are also burdened by the fact that its neighbouring countries are not bound by European legislation which lays out specific procedures and rules regarding waste management. The campaign involved 540 volunteers and 18 local authorities.

In particular, 1,600 kg of rubbish was recovered from the seabed, while another 220 kg was collected from the coastline cleanup. It’s worth noting that this year, 10 seabed cleanups where financed through the collectable glass Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero bottles. Coca-Cola contributed 15% of its net sales from its collectable summer bottles, raising €15,000 to further support the programme. In addition to the cleanups and as part of the ‘On-the-go Recycling’ programme and actions which aim to encourage local authorities and local communities to reduce plastic waste and improve collection and recycling infrastructure, a donation of 50 PMD recycling bins in the tourist coastal areas of Paphos was made. Within three months, five tones of waste have been collected and recycled from the 50 PMD recycling bins.

The results of the actions of the Network of Coastal Businesses were also impressive, with 531 tones of recyclable rubbish having been collected from the companies that joined the network. This year’s Zero Waste Beach events and actions will culminate on November 7, with the promotion of ‘champions’ among the members of the Network of Coastal Businesses, that is, businesses which follow the most sustainable practices. 221 companies that belong to the Network of Coastal Businesses have applied to participate in the competition. The Zero Waste Beach Champions’ 2019 award ceremony is under the auspices of the President of the Republic Nicos Anastasiades and will be honoured by the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment, Dr. Costas Kadis.



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