NewsLocalThree arrest warrants issued in Pissouri abduction case

Three arrest warrants issued in Pissouri abduction case

Police have issued arrest warrants for two non-Cypriot men and one Greek Cypriot woman after a 31 year old foreign national filed a complaint that he had been abducted, assaulted and robbed in Pissouri.

The 31 year old said that at around 2.40 pm pm on Sunday afternoon, he was sitting his car at a Pissouri petrol station where he had arranged to meet a woman. He was approached by a car with two men who dragged him out of his car, assaulted him, put him back in his car and drove him to an open area in Pissouri.

The woman he was due to meet followed them in the car of the two unknown men. Once they reached the open area they again pulled him out of car, beat him and stole his personal items and money before the two men and the woman left.

He was taken to Limassol Hospital with bruises to various parts of his body, was administered first aid and discharged.



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