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“This will be a strange Easter”: Covid patients share their thoughts ahead of the holiday

Covid-19 patients, all health professionals, isolated in hospitals and at home spoke to CNA sharing their thoughts about what most of them believe to be an Easter like none they have ever experienced.

Most reminisce about happy moments before becoming infected with the virus, in a twist of fate they never imagined possible.

Ch., admits to going through a lonely time after his positive diagnosis forced him to withdraw from any social interactions.

“Other than the fact that I have to deal with the disease, I am completely alone. I call my folks of course but it’s not the same as seeing them up close. It’s like this Easter doesn’t exist. Every day is the same,” he said.

Things are better for M., who has tested negative twice recently. He contracted the virus after coming into contact with a positive case at Limassol hospital.

“This Easter will not be like other years, without the usual preparation and the celebrations. I will not be able to see my family due to quarantine, as according to the rules there needs to pass some time (after testing negative) for me to be ‘non-transmittant’ and safe around others. I will wait for the quarantine to end to return to work. Thankfully, I am ok now and not afraid anymore,” M. said.

Another health professional, M., regrets experiencing rejection from her surroundings throughout her ordeal.

“They were afraid to talk to me even by phone. I felt rejected by friends and acquaintances. I am hoping that when I recover, things will go back to normal and people will not fear us anymore.

“This will be a strange Easter. We will celebrate nothing, feel nothing,” she said.

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