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Win(d)er Tales Concert

Wind, like music, knows no boundaries! 🎺🎶

Larnaca Cultural Foundation for Children and Youth in collaboration with the wind and percussion orchestra of Sistema Cyprus, organize a unique music-poetry concert with the title: “Win(d)er Tales”.

The wind and percussion orchestra of Sistema Cyprus together with the music composer Vassilis Filippou and the writer/poet Maria Kouvarou participate in a creative dialogue under the artistic supervision of Santiago Ossa Alzate.


When: 17/12/2022

Tickets: General Admission €5

Duration: 60’

Language: Greek/English

🌟 Grand Concert Sponsor: Deputy Ministry of Culture – Cultural Services
🌟 Concert Supporter: Municipality of Larnaca
🌟 Corporate Sponsor of Sistema Cyprus: XM
🌟 Institutional Sponsor of Sistema Cyprus: Savino

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