ExhibitionLarnacaVegan shieftalia cooking workshop

Vegan shieftalia cooking workshop

Another free vegan cooking workshop!

Make traditional “Shieftalia” in pitta with vegan tzatziki.

The Vegan Cooking Workshops are sponsored by Dep. Min. of Tourism, Alphamega Hypermarkets, Papafilipou Ice Cream and Papafilipou Lemon Juice.

Workshops are free to attend but a phone reservation is a must! Please call 7000 2828!

Due to a limited number of seats please make your reservation on time.

Find more free vegan cooking workshops at www.CyprusVeganGuide.com.

Wednesday, March 22 – Syllogos Gynaikon Ypaithrou Larnakas, April 1 street, Ayios Theodoros, Larnaka.

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