EUEducationBook Club at DriveDrive on May 19

Book Club at DriveDrive on May 19

Welcome to Book Club!

The first rule of Book Club is: you have to talk about Book Club.

The second rule of Book Club is: you HAVE TO talk about Book Club!

The Book Club will be a series of critical thinking workshops hosted and mediated by Quintessentially Queer. As a living, breathing organism, knowledge is formed by the experiences and exchanges we subject ourselves to. In an alternative way of conducting research, The Book Club will weave together different strands of culture, theory, and philosophy in a critically analytical way, to spark conversation, rethinking, inspiration, creation, and community-building.

All you have to do, is join and read the texts beforehand. You can also attend without doing the readings, but the conversation will not be as fruitful.

There is no specific academic/knowledge background needed in order to join, besides the wish to learn new stuff and the likeness to read.

The texts will be provided to you in advance, and will be discussed in an open conversation way after a brief presentation/analysis from the mediator. The texts will be primarily in English and the conversation language will be adjusted according to the needs of the attendees. Please send a message to Quintessentially Queer (George Rallis) in order to receive the readings.
Third rule of Book Club: there are no stupid questions.
You can ask as many questions as you want and make as many remarks as you wish (as long as everyone else also gets a turn).
Keep in mind: this is a brave space, so there will be no judgment, shaming or any sort of hatred tolerated.

The sessions will occur biweekly, and each one will deal with a different subject independently.

The sessions will be donation-based, with a suggested donation of 5eu.
Poster design: Stavroula Gregoriou

When Thursday, May 19 at 7.30 pm
Where Sapfous 6 1011 Nicosia
Duration 3 hours
Info 99 541997
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Event by DriveDrive and Quintessentially Queer

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