TheatersLimassol"Karagiozis goes to a concert" by CYSO at Rialto on February 5

“Karagiozis goes to a concert” by CYSO at Rialto on February 5

The family event “Karagiozis goes to a concert” is an unusual performance, both instructive and entertaining for children and adults.

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Nionios (Mr. Dionysios), an ardent music lover, tries to convince Karagiozis to attend a classical music concert, organized by Vizier’s daughter. Karagiozis refuses to do so until Veligegas orders everyone to attend the concert: Karagiozis, Barbayiorgos, Stavrakas, Hadjiavatis and the rest of the Shadow Theatre characters.

During the concert, Karagiozis has many questions: about the instruments, the music, the composer and other things, which Nionios patiently explains in simple words, wishing to initiate him to the world of classical music. Gradually, Karagiozis completely changes his view about this music, which he previously thought to be difficult and rather dull! Now he loves it!

Idea, storyline, selection and orchestration of musical works: Alkis Baltas

Shadow Theatre with “Karagiozis” Puppeteers of “Anemodoura” Thodoris and Babis Kostidakis *

Conductor: Alkis Baltas​

In Greek

When Saturday, February 5 at 5 pm
Where Rialto Theatre, Andrea Drousioti 19, Platia Iroon, 3040 Limassol
Duration 65’

Tickets: €7 (free entrance for people with disabilities)
Main picture: Allaboutlimassol

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