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Solo Exhibition | Vasilis Matosian | Rainbow’s end; still lifes and a smile

Vasilis Matosian will be showcasing at The O Gallery his 4th solo exhibition entitled ‘Rainbow’s end; still lifes and a smile’.

Opening on Friday 10.02.2023 at 19:00.

Exhibition duration: 10.02-03.03.2023.

Text written by Julian Bell, art historian, for the exhibition:

“With this recent venture, Matosian declares that whatever the size of his canvases, the agenda of his art is panoramic. It encompasses not only what our hands and eyes agree upon (these bowls, these vases) but our phantom limbs: it includes dark matter in its physics. Subtly, the precarious and translucent gestures of Smile seep into the patient, concrete impastos of the still lives and complement them. What the painter had looked at is not actually here, no more than are his memories. What actually is here, these canvases, can no more be accounted for than can the urge to sing. Painting is the impossible place where these vertiginous thoughts meet: a ‘rainbow’s end’, therefore.”

The O Gallery – Gladstonos 11, 6023, Larnaca

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