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Sharing Care

The existing crisis of the welfare system has resulted in many people being deliberately excluded making it a serious social and political problem.

An alternative movement has seen people turn to more common ways of organising care themselves such as the solidarity movement of community clinics and pharmacies in Greece. Unfortunately, these commoning practices are to a large extent, marginalised or criminalised by governments.

With speakers from theory, philosophy, new media arts, theatre, and music the Sharing Care Training School will investigate projects and processes, using meta-disciplinary methodologies, implemented by cultural workers.

These exchanges and resultant discussions will lead to more innovative, accessible and non-monetised alternative tools for real and sustainable implementation into local art and wider communities.

Speakers: Dr Tomislav Medak, Dr Ellada Evangelou, Dr Eric Lewis, Dr Yu Zhang, Dr Galina Dimitrova-Dimova, Alexandra Tzanidou, Vienne Chan, και Mats Gustafsson.

Programme: https://www.neme.org/projects/toolkit-of-care/sharing-care

About TOC
TOC is an international project led by an interdisciplinary group of creative practitioners, academics, researchers, and arts organisations that specialise in creative technologies and have considerable experience in the production and dissemination of this kind of knowledge across Europe and internationally, who have come together to form a “critical network of care.” The network collaborates to share their collective expertise and technical knowledge employed in creative ways to develop knowledge and methodologies of care. The main aim is to produce a well-formulated and integrated TOOLKIT OF CARE comprising articles, prototypes, audiovisual documentation, technical manuals, theoretical analysis, and data. It will act as a model of how to successfully share knowledge and expertise across different geographical regions and social groups.

This training school is part of the COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)-funded project: TOOLKIT OF CARE (TOC), CA21102.

February 23, 09:30 am – February 25, 5 pm – NeMe, Corner of Ellados and Enoseos Street, Limassol

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