Whats OnExhibitionNico Carpentier "THE MIRROR OF CONFLICT" An arts-based research exhibition

Nico Carpentier “THE MIRROR OF CONFLICT” An arts-based research exhibition

On 20 January 2023, the photography exhibition “The Mirror of Conflict” will open in the 6×6 Centre for Photography in Limassol.

The exhibition is a creation of the Belgian Prague-based university professor Nico Carpentier, who is known for the combination of academic analysis and artistic practice.

The 93 photographs, grouped on 33 metal stands, address the memorials of Cyprus, and how they intersect with the prevailing ideologies in the southern and northern parts of the island. It is an academic and artistic investigation of how memorials communicate dominant ways of thinking, but also how they sometimes critique them. The exhibition also investigates how the memorials in the southern and northern parts of Cyprus relate to each other, and how similar and different they are.

As Nico Carpentier explains: “We see these statues and memorials everywhere in Cyprus, but we don’t pay enough attention to them, and to what they really tell us. They are voices of the past, the present and the future, and we should listen to them, as they make us understand ourselves better.”

The “Mirror of Conflict” exhibition runs from 20 to 29 January 2023, in the 6×6 Centre for Photography, Vasiliou Makedonos 30, 3040 Limassol.

The opening is on Friday 20 January 2023 from 18:00-21:30.

Opening times are Saturday: 10:00-14:00; Sunday: 15:00-19:00; Monday – Tuesday – Thursday: 09:00-18:00; Wednesday & Friday: 09:00-14:00.

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