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International Holocaust Remembrance Day – Film Screenings

On the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Embassy of Israel and the Embassy of Italy in Cyprus are organising film screenings open to the public.

The documentary film Speer Goes to Hollywood will be screened on Thursday 26th January 2023, at 19:30, at Pantheon Cinema in Nicosia and on Monday 30th January 2023, at 19:30, at the Cultural Center of the European University will take place the screening of the film Terezin.

Free entrance– Pre registration required at https://bit.ly/3Ck6brB



Speer Goes to Hollywood Documentary, 2020, 98’, English subtitles

Alfred Speer, one of the most important figures during the Nazi regime, was spared the death penalty at the Nuremberg trials, claiming his lack of awareness of the atrocities of the Holocaust. After his release, Speer devoted the last years of his life in establishing his reputation as the “good Nazi”.

The documentary based on recordings and rare archival footage, presents Speer’s efforts to erase his past through the production of a movie based on his best-selling memoir book.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwM_PQCddTU

Screening: Thursday 26/01/2023, 19.30, Pantheon Cinema, Nicosia

Terezin Drama, 2022, 110’, in English

A great number of Jewish artists and intellectuals from Central Europe, were imprisoned at Terezin concentration camp, situated close to Prague. Despite the inhumane conditions, renowned musicians, composers and maestros showed an overwhelming artistic production – which was used in Nazi propaganda as an alibi for their policy.

The fictitious love story of Antonio, an Italian clarinet player and Martina, a Czechoslovak violinist, is intertwined with the incredible tales of and real-life characters Jewish prisoners in Terezin who celebrated culture in extreme conditions.

Trailer: https://www.minervapicturesinternational.com/catalogue/terezin/

Screening: Monday 30/01/2023, 19.30, Cultural Center of the European University, Nicosia

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