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Smuggling Hendrix

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Director: Marios Piperides

Cast: Adam Bousdoukos, Fatih Al, Vicky Papadopoulou, Özgür Karadeniz

Duration: 93 mins

Language: Greek, Turkish, English  (ENGLISH & GREEK SUBTITLES)


Yiannis, a fading musician, is planning to leave crisis-ridden Cyprus for a better life abroad. His plans are put on hold when his dog Jimi runs away and crosses the UN buffer zone that divides the “Greek” from the “Turkish” side of the island. Since animal exchange between the two “sides” is prohibited, Yiannis reluctantly joins forces with Hasan, a Turkish settler, and a cast of unexpected characters to smuggle his best friend back. Through the simple story of a man who loses his dog, SMUGGLING HENDRIX gives a vivid demonstration of how the fences we build, both real and imagined, between ourselves and others, can be broken down once we recognize the familiarity in the face of the unknown.


May 9-15 20:00, 22:15


May 9-15 19:45, 22:00


May 9-15 19:45, 22:00


20:00, 22:00 (English subtitles)

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