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Book Club

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 104’

Director: Bill Holderman

Cast: Candice Bergen, Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda


Four women have attended a monthly book club for thirty years, where they bond over the suggested literature. Vivian, who owns and builds hotels, runs into Arthur, a man she turned down marriage to 40 years prior. They begin a flirtation, but Vivian has always refused to settle down because she enjoys her independence. Diane is recently widowed, and her daughters would like her to move closer to them in Arizona because they perceive her to be in danger because she’s living alone. Sharon is a federal judge who’s been single ever since she divorced her son’s father, over 15 years ago. Carol has a successful marriage to Bruce, who has recently retired. One day, they read Fifty Shades of Grey and are turned on by the content. Viewing it as a wake up call, they decide to expand their lives and chase pleasures that have eluded them.

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