ExhibitionFamagustaExperiencing the Colonial Rule: Cypriots under British Administration

Experiencing the Colonial Rule: Cypriots under British Administration

Histories of Bahces webinar: Experiencing the Colonial Rule: Cypriots under British Administration

Speakers: Prof. Andrekos Varnava and Nur Çetiner

The event will be online through zoom on January 14th at 2:00 pm Cyprus Time.


Meeting ID: 885 134 9132

In this new episode of the bahçές histories* of Cyprus, Andrekos Varnava, Professor in British Imperial and Colonial History at Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia), talks to Nur Çetiner about Cypriots’ lives under British Colonial rule. Their reaction to the new government and the perspective of the colonial administration on Cypriots will be discussed. In addition, the national identity construction processes of Christian and Muslim Cypriots who participated in the First World War together will also be one of the topics to be covered in the episode.

Short Bios:
Andrekos Varnava is a Professor in British Imperial and Colonial History at Flinders University, (Adelaide, Australia) and Honorary Professor at De Monfort University (Leicester, UK). He completed his Ph.D in 2006 at Melbourne University and in 2009, he took up a position at Flinders University where he remains to this day. His research interests include imperial/colonial, war/conflict and migration histories. He is one of the leading historians on the history of Cyprus during British Colonial period. Varnava does not study only about the upper classes, but his works cover the people of Cyprus from all classes. He contributes to the history of ordinary Cypriots under the colonial rule.

Nur Çetiner is a Ph.D candidate at Boğaziçi University, Ataturk Institute. She holds a master degree in History from Sabancı University. Her research looks at the inter-communal relationships in Cyprus during the late Ottoman and British administrations (1860-1931). Her aims to shed light on a period when national identities were not yet fully established. She examines the history of Cyprus not from one side but from a comprehensive point of view and emphasizes the shared past of the people of Cyprus.

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