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The Cypriot artist Penelope Constantinou participates at an International Contemporary Art Fair in Paris

The Cypriot Artist Penelope Constantinou has been selected to participate in the Salon International d’Art Contemporain Art3F 2022 which will take place from the 28th-30th January 2022 in Paris. This international exhibition continues for the 8th year in Paris, attracting thousands of art lovers every year.

Owners of internationally renowned galleries and artists from all over Europe meet in Paris to present their latest works of art in the local and European art world that visits the exhibition. Penelope was selected along with different Italian artists through the Italian gallery, Queen Art Studio Gallery, located in Padua, near Venice, and which represents her as an Artist. She was selected by the same gallery in October 2017 for the International exhibition Salon International d’Art Contemporain, “Art Shopping” at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. For this exhibition, Art 3f 2022, Penelope’s artwork called “Karyatis” was selected.

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The exhibition will take place at the Porte de Versailles, Pavilion 5, and opens on Friday at 18:00. It will be accompanied by various events and an auction of artworks.

Penelope continues to receive invitations for international exhibitions and she has been participating in different ones over the last few years.
Some of these are:
2017- Italy, Venice, -Αnima Mundi “Consciousness” –Palazzo Ca Zanardi- July 13th- Sep 03rd
2017-Italy, Venice, -Accorsi Arte Gallery
2017-Italy, Venice, Anima Mundi “Visions” – Palazzo Ca Zanardi , 13 Sept -28 November
2017-France, Paris, “Art Shopping” – Carrousel do Lourve – 20-22 October
2017-Italy, Mantova, Biennial Mantova- 4-11 November
2017-Italy, Torino, Accorsi Arte Gallery, 2-11 November
2018-USA, Ohio- The Canton Museum of Art, 8 February, Postcard project
2018-Italy, Venice, Dolomite, Associazione culturale Sei L’Arte –Fiera ,14 February
2018-USA, New York- The Artbox/Projects, The Armory week, 5-16 March
2018-Austria, Weiz, Associazione Culturale Sei L’Arte – Kunst Messe dolomiten, at Kunst Haus, 13 April
2019-USA, Miami, The Artbox/Projects – Miami “2.0”- 2-8 December

Penelope Constantinou is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence Italy. Two years in 1987 after her studies she moved to Florida USA and lived there till 2005. She then returned to Cyprus where she lives up to today. She has her Atelier “Penelope Art Gallery” at Armenias 23C in Nicosia. She has done 30 solo exhibitions and her artwork is found in many countries. She got also awarded abroad.

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Artists she loved are Modigliani, Matisse, Miro, Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Magritte, Chagall, Rothko, Picasso and she got influenced by their work.

Her art is divided in various series, like “ Seeking Freedom”, “Infrared”, “Oxygen”, “Spirituality», «The Muses are creating a New Brilliant».

With her art, Penelope aims at bringing about an inner change in the viewer and uplifting him spiritually through aesthetics. She gets inspired by Life and the Elan Vital, ie the spiritual and creative power that exists in Man and his potential in placing and resolving any survival problem of Mankind in its quest of the Physical Universe. In its game of Eternal Survival in the highest quality of life possible. Art through Aesthetics has the ability and the power to change for the better and rise Man to its highest spiritual and cultural levels. This is the exact broader vision of Penelope. A New Brilliant World! The one we all deserve to live in!

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