Whats OnExhibitionSisterhood at Korai space: streaming voices, unifying energies

Sisterhood at Korai space: streaming voices, unifying energies

The 2nd iteration of the “Sisterhood” show happens at Korai space in Nicosia. It consists of works by Greek and Cypriot female and female-identifying artists who shape their practices through an intersection of techno-scientific sensuality where new emotional meanings and methodologies emerge.

The artists of the “Sisterhood” come from different generations and backgrounds. The works selected in the show commonly illuminate the influence of technology spanning chronologically from the “early accessible tools” era culminating to the current time of our hyper-penetration of technology in our lives where attitudes and forms of communication change rapidly every day. The show aspires to highlight how our hyper-connected reality – whose mechanisms are still male-dominated, is “sowing the seeds” with a utopian drive for full equality.

Given the fact that women have different perspectives and sensibilities on themes such as identity, freedom of speech, privacy, spirituality and eroticism, “Sisterhood” aspires to generate more complex and subtle interpretations that shape our current (incessant) image culture. Expanding through different media and extending beyond the boundaries of the screen, the show includes also painting, sculpture, sound, design, writing, illuminating on the more pluralistic model of communication and the broader role of the artist nowadays. The show avoids subjecting the works as “technological” or they become part of a complete new media exhibition.

Questioning the hierarchies of high art and ‘lowly’ craft; as much the observation that the automated decentralization of power creates new gender conditions in artistic formations and ideas raise a number of questions like the following: do the tools of our current post-technological life still represent equally women in the arts? Are gender roles online being neutralized nowadays and the focus is currently on the increasingly blurring roles of consumer and producer of information? Or is gender being polarized online and other forms of sexism are being created? Is there a cyberfeminist aesthetic?

These are some of the questions by the paradoxical realities of our current time which the artists of the show are invited to interpret creating a hyper-environment. From asteroid surfaces as if they had come out of glitch filters, then looking further down a surface with heart holograms juxtaposed by artificial palm trees and illuminated signs with eloquent passwords.

Scenes from martial arts and orphic rituals, live stories or downloaded animated gifs in endless loop. Painted images with modern Sybils hypnotized under the semi-light of the screen, human replicas of a fully automated cryptoether-algorithmic economy. Sensual fairy figures and avatars in hyper-musical feasts that exchange glances with relaxed naked boys lying down .. maybe they relax and enjoy themselves on dating apps with less responsibilities in a new super-feminist present.
Angelo Plessas

1. Raissa Angeli
2. Lydia Antoniou **
3. Eleni Bagaki
4. Despina Charitonidi
5. Despoina Damaskou
6. Evi Kalogiropoulou
7. Evangelia Ledaki **
8. Olga Migliaressi-Phoca
9. Eva Papamargariti
10. Lena Platonos with Margarita Ovadia
11. Paola Revenioti
12. Valinia Svoronou
13. Maria Spivak
14. Chrysanne Stathacos
15. Sofia Stevi
16. Iris Touliatou
17. Maria Toumazou
18. Amalia Vekri
19. Marina Xenofontos
** essays

SISTERHOOD, Streaming voices unifying energies
Curated by Angelo Plessas and P.E.T. Projects
Supported by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education

Opening: Friday April 16, from 16:00 until 21:00
Duration 16.04.2021 – 28.05.2021
Open Wednesdays 16:00 – 18:00 and Saturdays 10:00 – 12:00 and by appointment
In accordance to the sanitary protocols and the degrees in force by the Government of Cyprus a maximum of 10 people is allowed inside at any given time with mandatory use of masks.



Info http://www.koraispace.com/ [email protected]

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