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Photo Exhibition “Dissecting a Tight Knot. Who Can Stop Me?” on October 29

Are you interested in that moment of transcendence when a person transported to another place, to a perfect, motionless world? Do you also want to spend an unusual Halloween evening when Jack o’lanterns are lit everywhere?
Then you definitely need to visit the new exhibition.
On these special days, at the end of October, we also decided to become special and justify the second part of our name SHOCK (Art&Shock)
The gallery will be transformed even from the outside, everything will be immersed in
ghostly twilight, mysterious shadows, you will be met by the most unusual items and everything else that should and should not be on this day.
Don’t miss the most unusual project
These are the works of young, very talented and absolutely fearless artists, for them, for now, there are no boundaries in this world, and they will show it to us from completely different sides. Photographers place our everyday life in a strange, truly “Hitchcock” environment, surrounding a gloomy, detached nature or objects, carefully working with light, colour and details of the picture.
Sometimes their work is similar to draft scripts for a horror film – The semantic potential is so great and the concentration of dramatic emotions is so high. Photo artists incredibly and
scrupulously build each frame, the thoroughness of the staging process amazes everyone who watches it.
The viewer enters the scene of the film where the story unfolds, but we do not understand anything, because we missed the beginning.
An extraordinary combination of cinematic feel gloomy, “viscous” dream and very specific details, present in documentary films, gives a special effect – the boundaries between fiction, staging and reality disappear.
In the works of the artists, there is a kind of balance between the power secrets and the amount of detail that is given to the analysis. Photographers build a picture in which there are more questions than answers.
And of course knots. There will be a lot of them in the photographs, our photographers work very subtly with this amazing art of Shibari. The beauty of lines is, first of all, knots and patterns on bodies, they are incredibly perfect and symmetrical.
But, we will not tell you everything, soon everything will be possible to see, but we warn that the work of our photographers may surprise someone, even scare someone, but be sure everyone will remember it – like everything new, unusual and, probably, ingenious.
So, you’re invited to the opening of the exhibition which will take place at 6 pm on October 29.
There will be many unexpected surprises, including Shibari workshop as well as a great buffet and, of course, the lottery! Whether to take children with you is at the discretion of the parents, nevertheless, this exhibition is not quite ordinary. It is beautiful, but with elements of light erotica, horror and Shibari.
When Saturday, October 29 at 6 pm
Where Art&shock Gallery, Paphos
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