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Something like retro: concert at the gardens of Technopolis, 20 on August 21

Midia Kalou (voice) and Demetra Christoforou (voice/keyboards) will be performing their favorite Greek songs of different styles, which have lasted and evolved over time, transformed and loved again. The aim of the two girls is to experiment and interpret them using their own influences and experiences.

This nostalgic music event will take place on Sunday, 21st of August at 19:30 at Technopolis 20 Garden.

About the musicians

Demetra Christoforou is studying at the Department of Music Science and Art at the University of Macedonia with a specialization in traditional Greek music under the guidance of Yiannis Dionysiou. Her repertoire includes traditional Greek songs, rebetiko, folk and entekhno. She graduated with distinction from the Music School of Paphos where she studied classical singing and piano. She had the opportunity to cooperate with renowned Greek musicians such as Yiannis Charoulis, Melina Kana, Costas Makedonas, Dionysis Savvopoulos and George Dalaras.

She participated in singing masterclasses with Georgia Michaelidou, Zoe Nicolaidou, Tiziana Sojat and Sona Ghazarian as well as piano masterclasses with Elena Mouzala. Demetra started attending piano lessons at the age of 6, and has achieved the Grade 8 certification in Piano Performance and Music Theory. Through this live performance, she wishes to introduce her favourite songs to the audience, in her own special way.

Midia Kalou is a Cypriot Mezzo Soprano, currently studying at the Royal Northern College of Music, under the tutelage of Sarah Rhodes. Her repertoire covers a wide range of musical genres such as, Western Classical, Greek traditional, Musical Theatre, and Popular Music. She started having piano lessons at the age of 12 with the pianist Marianna Georgiou and began her classical singing training at the age of 15 under the tutelage of Vasiliki Konstanti.

She graduated from the Music School of Pafos with First Class Honours in 2021. During her time in the Music School of Pafos, Midia Kalou was a member of the school’s chamber choir, female vocal ensemble, folk music ensemble and musical theatre group. She was also an active member of Cyprus Music School Girls’ Choir. In addition, she has performed alongside many well-known Greek artists such as Yiannis Charoulis, Kostas Makedonas, Melina Kanna, George Dallaras, Dionisis Savvopoulos and Margarita Zorbala.

For Midia, her culture and heritage are a big part of her identity as a musician. She loves performing works by Greek and Cypriot composers, especially works that are underrepresented in the international music world. She is extremely passionate for the choral art and is also doing arrangements for vocal ensembles and small instrumental groups. She would love to include and combine all her personal artistic interests, such as dancing and acting, into her work, creating a community where people connect through music and are encouraged to be creative.

Sunday, August 21 at 7.30 pm

Tickets 8 euro

Reservations and info: 7000 2420


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