Whats OnConcertsParadise Jazz Festival in Gialia on August 19-20

Paradise Jazz Festival in Gialia on August 19-20

Your beloved Summer event will be with you again this year, celebrating its 22nd anniversary, at the same place where we were meeting the last few years, at beautiful Val`s place in beautiful Gialia village, on Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of August 2022!

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You will be presented the renewed program, with multiple exciting additions, such as a modern dance performance and additional stage and other refreshing adjustments such as giving more space to young creators and new talents who have blown us away with their excellent and interesting productions to present. Additionally, there will be a remarkable Cypriot singer who has impressed audiences internationally – Alexia Vasiliou.

In its entirety, the program has ten performances, with five performances daily that cover a wide range of artistic activities, such as a modern approach to jazz, classical standards, World, fusion, experimental performances and modern dance.

1st Day

Friday, Friday 19

It will start at 9:15 pm with the presentation of the album “Colorful Emptiness” by Vasilis Philipou. Behind each composition that comprises Colourful Emptiness, lies the need to search for a sense of wholeness and serenity within the vastness of space and stillness of time. Hopefully the album will transmit this feeling to its listeners. These pieces have gradually taken form over the course of the past ten years. Born as simple ideas on the piano, they naturally grew through experimentation and improvisation; inspired by my relationship with the people I love.

In playing and listening to those ideas, repeated cycles evolved in which one can find themself wrapped with music that radiated an emotion of fulfilment.

The evening to be continued with the duet Gaba Project uniting Vasilis Vasiliou and Christina Polykarpou. The two artists focus on experimenting with new musical approaches (arrangement, composition, and soundscapes) that arise through their individual influences. Improvisation is a core element of the duet that comes from the two musicians’ varying musical knowledge and experiences, creating new perspectives. The handpan is a contemporary instrument, whereas the Lyra comes from a well-established Greek musical tradition. The mystic modern sound of the handpan is respectfully combined with tradition, creating a powerful yet sensitive sound that unites these two different musical pathways.

The next show will be dedicated to modern dance and to Milena Ugren Koulas.

Inspired by Aristotle’s philosophy about happiness together with musician George Koulas in the choreographic work “Happiness“ using the body, gestures, voice, and percussions as tools of expression we tried to explore happiness as a physical condition, the exercise of virtue or maybe as an unachievable goal until an end of life.

Performed and created by Milena Ugren Koulas and George Koulas

And the night will go on with higher jazzy tempos. This year`s set-up Allusion Quartet is based on the collaboration between Antreas Yerolatsitis (guitar) and Omiros Miltiadous (drums). After many years of playing together in different band settings, the two musicians are joined by Marios Charalambous on tenor saxophone and Kyriakos Kesta on double bass and they will present a number of their own compositions. Their music is jazz with influences from other genres such as funk, soul, blues, free jazz etc. Improvisation and spontaneity are some of the main characteristics as well as exploration and creativity.

Lastly for Friday, the highlight of the night and possibly even the entire festival, the Cypriot renowned vocalist of international repute, Alexia Vassiliou.

Reviving some of her favourite classic American Jazz standards from her historic milestone album, “Alexia in a Jazz Mood,” Alexia will be reinterpreting music from some of the greats, such as Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln, Betty Carter, Duke Ellington, Chick Corea, George Gershwin, George Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, including some of her own compositions, incorporating some uplifting, upbeat jazz, gospel, swing, and blues, to lift the spirit.
«In a Jazz mood» is an inspiring and sophisticated show, an experience that elevates the spirit, showcasing Alexia’s legato phrasing, a technique that displays, a continuous motion between notes, using a solid breathing technique, as well as, rubato, “to steal” rhythmical patterns, preceding and/or following the downbeat, led and guided by the pulsating rhythm of the vibe of the great musicians of the band.

Alexia will be accompanied by Rodos Panayiotou – Percussion, Andreas Rodosthenous – Electric Bass, Giorgos Morfitis – Keyboard.

2nd Day

Saturday, August 20

The second night’s program will start with 5 next polymorphic shows, continuing the program with the sounds of the duo Gaba Project, who will be accompanying the colours of the sunset and the night`s coming!

Following the festival`s main speech, a modern jazz quartet founded and based in Rotterdam, Netherlands the JAG quartet will perform. The quartet is based upon the fundamentals of the jazz tradition with a modern twist. The repertoire consists of arranged jazz standards and original modern jazz compositions. Creativity, openness, and risk-taking are elements that the members look highly upon.

Local Cypriot musicians Johnny Agisilaou (Codarts Alumni – Currently in The Royal Conservatory of the Hague) and Markos Mavromichalis (currently at Codarts) alongside Nikola Spasojevic (Codarts alumni, currently NYU) and Juriaan De Kok (Codarts alumni) are aiming for a musical night of freedom, creativity and improvisation.

The above-mentioned elements will be noticeably overflowing into the following performance, Luca Warmer and Nikos Charalambous (the Duo)are musicians based in Rotterdam and The Hague respectively. They both possess a strong background in jazz music but in recent years have been individually branching out into experimentations with loops, electronic effects and samples.

Doing their first performance out of coincidence, they immediately began diving into the possibilities of mixing looping and effects into a vocal guitar duo setting and since then, they’re always looking for the balance between acoustic and electronic music. Their work comprises of mostly original compositions as well as covers. Their main sources of inspiration are jazz, free improvised music and rock.

Following this, we will present the 2nd appearance of dancer and choreographer Milena Ugren Koulas, who will perform together with dancer Elena Gavriel the “Meeting Point” The act is an emotional and physical confrontation between two different but very similar individuals that are never close enough to touch and never far enough to separate. In an abstract and nontheatrical manner, this choreographic work explores human relations by focusing on the intensities, dynamics and synchronization of movement.

Choreographer: Milena Ugren Koulas
Dancers: Milena Ugren Koulas and Elena Gavriel
Music: George Koulas and Marios Takoushis

Finally, this year’s festival will be closing with the four musicians, who are staring at the music scenes of our island. The Odysseas Toumazou Trio feat. M. Charalambous, is a project created by Cyprus– based guitarist and composer, Odysseas Toumazou.

In 2019 he completed the recording of his first studio-length album “Ensticto”. His work has been described as, a “truly authentic and strong, personal sound within the guitar-trio-genre.” His influences are wide, and include jazz, classical and traditional music that create a unique sound catering to a variety of audiences. Improvisation is a key element of Odysseas’ music, allowing for an immersive experience between the audience and band during performances, that can be described as accessible and simultaneously, experimental.

At Paradise Jazz Festival the Trio will be performing original pieces from all members of the band and new music. The defining improv and jazz qualities mingled with Mediterranean influences are what can best characterize this fusion of sound.

Due to the amount of performances daily and the full schedules of both days, it was uncertain whether or not there is a point to organize a jam session for this year’s event, although it’s a big part of the character and individuality of Paradise Jazz Festival, so there was a decision to leave it to the spontaneity of the night.

There are no words good enough to thank the artists for their participation in our festival and for the valuable work they are releasing into the culture and life department of this island!

The other great thank you goes to you, our fantastic audience, for being there on the opposite side of the stage. With your presentation and love the live show begins.

And of course great thanks to our sponsors, who without their psychological help and financial contribution in these difficult times, our events would no longer exist.

Special gratitude goes to the companies and individuals who with their emotional and financial support have made Paradise Jazz Festival a reality year after year!

Medochemie, Compass Developers, Ahead Music, Filokypros, Island-Oil Holdings, Eventpro, Loverlight, Tsiakkas Winery, Fly Again Irish Pub, and Grill, and our supporters Orange Events, and Supermarket G. Charalambous

Another great-great thank you goes to all volunteers who each one of them is helping us with their own way to organize this event in its finest way. Their help is touching our hearts and is boosting our creativity.

General Information
There will also be food and drinks available during the festival weekend. For more information follow Val’s Place on Facebook or call (+357) 96511179 or (+357) 96713164.

Don’t drink and drive please. Choose the camping option for the night. There will be operating showers, coffee, tea, and juices for the morning.

The bar opens all day. Gate 8 pm.

The entrance fee is €20 for each night and the start time of the program is set at 9.30 pm. The designated way to buy tickets is at the door on the night of the event.

Seating numbers are limited, due to the ongoing pandemic. We kindly request for our guests show understanding of the following policy.

Seat reservations will only be held until 9.15 p.m. and according to the demand. Any late arrivals will be granted entry; however, we cannot guarantee an existing seating area. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservations & Info 97 747327 & 99 971820

Necessary information for bookings: DATE / NAME / PERSONS / TELEPHONE NUMBER.


When Friday, August 19 – Saturday, August 20 at 9:15 pm
Where Gialia, Cyprus
FB Page
Tickets €20 for each day


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