Whats OnConcertsNama Dama at Technopolis, 20 on March 23

Nama Dama at Technopolis, 20 on March 23

Anastasia Demetriadou invites you to a unique concert at Technopolis 20, on Wednesday March 23 at 19:30.

Nama Dama is the solo project of the songwriter Anastasia Demetriadou. The seeds were planted back in 2019, when she first started sharing her musical stories with the people around. The main purpose of Nama Dama is to create an artistic world that combines literature, poetry, acting and music; a creative space that enriches the senses and liberates the mind.

Hence, her pieces are usually poems and short stories, accompanied by music and vocal expressivity. Her music is an experimental mix of classical, folk, rock and soul. In 2021, Nama Dama released her first concept EP, Confessions to my Songbird. Although each of her performances differ, theatricality, humor, tender, feminine sarcasm and of course poetry, are never absent.

A few words about the artist:

Anastasia is a Cypriot performance artist, based in the heart Nicosia. Her journey as a singer and a performer has been an interesting one, as she has performed with various bands and collaborated with many Cypriot and European artists. She is mainly self-taught and considerably new to the songwriting world. However, her main goal is to combine different mediums of expression on stage and give a unique experience to the audience.

When Wednesday, March 23 at 7:30 pm
Where Technopolis 20 art centre
Tickets: €10
Tickets available at Technopolis 20 art centre
Information/reservations: 70002420
SafePass necessary

The production takes all the necessary precautions and follows the instructions announced by the government, in order to ensure your health and safety.


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