ExhibitionNicosiaWe are Cypriots - Wir sind Zyprer

We are Cypriots – Wir sind Zyprer

28 Cypriots tell Their Stories: Reports and Photographs from a Divided Island

Between 2015 and 2018, during the reunification talks and after their failure, German photographer Lisa Fuhr visited Cypriots throughout the island and photographed them in their natural environment. These intimate photographs and the accompanying detailed conversations provide information about life in Cyprus today. “I have always been interested in looking beyond the things that catch the eye abroad first,” says Fuhr. The feelings of the Cypriots and their individual life stories in an ambivalent, divided country are thus given special attention in this exhibition.

Lisa Fuhr will also present her book “Wir sind Zyprer/We are Cypriots” at the opening of the exhibition on 15th May at 7 pm.

The panel discussion with Lisa Fuhr will be conducted by Klaus Hillenbrand, Berlin journalist in the Tageszeitung (taz). Hillenbrand wrote a detailed foreword for Fuhr’s 400-page chronicle. He traces the historical and contemporary as well as the social and political developments that have deeply shaped this island and Cypriots until today.

Fuhr’s chronicle takes us behind the scenes and shares personal stories that official narratives often ignore. In addition to the 28 interviews and personal reports in German and English, 110 colour photographs are also presented.

15 May – 11 June, Goethe Institut, 10:00-18:00

More information: https://bit.ly/2GFDJUL

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