EUEducationsCYence Fair 2022 at Skali Aglantzias on April 15-16

sCYence Fair 2022 at Skali Aglantzias on April 15-16

An open 2-day festival dedicated to science lovers.
-Aspiring students compete for the most interesting scientific experiments and projects.
-Distinguished scientists from The Cyprus Institute share their work with the public through interactive activities.
-Interesting lectures and presentations from well-known speakers.
-Decathlon: ten interesting and interactive physics experiments for young and old.

School Science Competition participants should be students aged 9-18.
-3 CATEGORIES: Primary Schools, Gymnasiums & Lyceums.
-9 FINALISTS participate in the Grand Final.
-3 WINNING TEAMS to be awarded!
Students: If you have a flair for science and are working on an exciting project you would like to share with the public, then the #SCYF2022 is the right place for you – Visit the website and follow the Registration Guidelines to register!
Submission Deadline: March 26, 2022
We look forward to taking you on our scientific journey!
Tomorrow’s scientists – our future

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