ExhibitionNicosiaPhotography Exhibition: "The stateless Rohingya people of Bangladesh"

Photography Exhibition: “The stateless Rohingya people of Bangladesh”

Award-winning photographer Katia Christodoulou presents a photo exhibition from the mission of “Cypriot Volunteer Doctors” in Bangladesh. The mission traveled to the South Asian country to help Rohingya people of Myanmar, who are one of the most persecuted minorities in the world.

Christodoulou, following the mission as a volunteer, portrayed 60 people and scenes from their lives. Most of the photos were taken in Bangkok’s Nagyapara camp, where Rohingya refugees currently live under terrible conditions.

Up to 690,000 Rohingya Muslims escaped from Myanmar in August 2017, after the country’s army started fighting them. The UN described this as an “ethnic cleansing.”

Exhibition opening: 12/10 -19:30, Nicosia Municipal Multipurpose Centre    

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