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9th charity Vienna Ball in Cyprus

The Professional Artistic Dance Company ‘Fly-in-Dance’ with the support of the City of Vienna and the Austrian Embassy in Cyprus are organising the 9th Charity Vienna Ball, which will be held on March 8 at the Hilton Cyprus Hotel, Nicosia, from 19.00 – 2.00 a.m. This year’s Ball coincides with International Women’s Day, thus the 9th Vienna Ball will be inspired and dedicated to celebrating the many achievements of women

Every year the Charity benefits ‘children with special needs’ associations. Thus, this year, to carry on with this tradition of the Vienna Ball, all funds collected will benefit the Foundation of Children with Special Needs.

Some people believe that Vienna balls are only for the elite and that a personal invitation is required. On the contrary, Vienna balls welcome all, regardless of their social or professional status. All you need to do is to buy a ticket, follow the dress code and enjoy the ball with its special celebratory atmosphere!

The Vienna Ball in Cyprus, first held in Nicosia in 2010, is a significant cultural and social event on an international level. Every year we welcome respected businesspersons, politicians, diplomats, and representatives from many different countries. The high-spirited atmosphere of the ball creates a perfect environment for our guests to mingle together and make new acquaintances.

For more than 8 years it has become an excellent platform for informal business encounters that often result in new joint business projects. This is why the Vienna Ball in Cyprus enjoys active support from business communities from all over the world.

As is the tradition, the 2019 Vienna Ball will offer great live entertainment. The Cyprus International Chamber Orchestra with the conductor Petros Stylianou, Baritone Michael Gavrillove, Artists of Ballet from Russia Elizaveta Chedrina and Anton Maltsev, popular ball dances and master classes from the Artist of Ballet, Choreographer and Director of the Ball Committee in Cyprus, Tatiana Zenevich, the gala dinner by candlelight and gifts from the Mayor of Vienna are some of the highlights of the program.

The 2019 Vienna Ball will take you on a journey through time and offer you a real adventure with new acquaintances, and incredible discoveries as well as a romantic evening with unforgettable experiences.

The Vienna Ball also offers a ‘rite of passage’ for young ladies and gentlemen. For the duration of three months, the young debutants enjoy a special course to learn and practice ballroom dance and etiquette, taught by the ballet dancer and Director of the Cyprus Ball Committee Tatiana Zenevich at the School of Professional Artists “Fly-in-dance” (Nicosia). Traditionally, the debutantes participate in the Grand Opening Ceremony of the ball with Polonaise dance. Soon after, the three-quarter rhythm of waltzes is supplemented by contemporary sounds, offering enjoyable dancing for every taste.

 The programme will include the Grand Opening of the Ball by the Debutante Dance Couples, Orchestra, Gala Dinner, several dance performances and Master classes.

The event is organised for charity purposes benefiting the Foundation of Children with Special Needs. For further information contact 97-810011 (Greek), 97-810022 (English), 97-810033 (Russian).

Dress Code: Long evening or Ball Gown, tailcoat, tuxedo or dress-uniform

Organisers: Fly-in-dance (Vienna Ball) / www.viennaball-cyprus.com  www.facebook.com/ViennaBallCY



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