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Eleni Era at Savino

Berlin-based Eleni Era returns to Cyprus for two live shows presenting her debut album ‘Rise Love’. The songstress takes her classical background and her love of mellow pop melodies to create alternative pop soundscapes. Armed with her piano, loop station and silky smooth vocals, and with the accompaniment of her buddies Lefteris Moumtzis and Andreas Trachonitis, she will deliver a set of teasingly psychedelic and flowing dream-pop. Met with positive reviews, ‘Rise Love’ is a confessional collection of songs that Eleni Era has long kept close and is now ready to share across borders.

Support Acts: Thaleia / Nama

“The crystal sound of Eleni Era often causes songs to flow like water with the melodic atmosphere that touches classical music”. – Listen Before You Love (TU)

“Rise Love is the sort of album that allows me to sit back and be washed over by the music. All rush is gone. What remains is private time between me and Eleni Era’s music and voice. […] A mood that has something mystical, as if there is more between heaven and earth.” – WoNo Magazine (NL)

“Eleni Era has just started sharing her songs with the world, but the therapeutic nature of her creation process has opened up the opportunity for so much more to come.” – Interview with Black is the New AP Style (USA)

“[…] Eleni creates a record that sounds so effortless in its execution. Its instrumentals are organic and allowed to flow naturally, often bleeding together ambience with haunting sounds throughout, resulting in some of the most gorgeous sounds we’ve heard this year. It’s easily our go-to album at the moment.” – Some Good 2019 Albums, Sounds Good (UK).

18 April – Savino Live, Larnaca

Doors: 21.00

Entrance: 8euro / 12euro with CD / 20euro with 12″LP

Info/Reservations: 99860304

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