EUEducationCode Cyprus 2020 at UCLan Larnaca

Code Cyprus 2020 at UCLan Larnaca

UClan Cyprus and CodeCyprus organise educational workshop for children and teenagers (aged 12-19) at the premises of UCLan Cyprus in Larnaca.

The theme of Code Cyprus 2020 is Space Exploration. During the keynote and the workshops, the speakers will show how code is at the center of all space exploration efforts! From handling the robotic arm on the ISS, to computing the orbits for interplanetary travel, and of course for remote-controlling a rover — such as the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) — from our home planet, earth.

Have you ever dreamed of going into space? Or have you wondered how the International Space Station (ISS) works? Ever asked yourself how a robotic rover on mars — more than 50 million kilometers away — is remote-controlled from earth? The fun code festival goes to space to inspire more teenagers to take an interest in programming!



Saturday, March 7 from 9am until 2.30pm


UCLan Cyprus

Panepistimiou Avenue 12-14
Larnaka, 7080

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