Whats OnExhibitionBlack Light Art: Exhibition in Limassol on January 21-23

Black Light Art: Exhibition in Limassol on January 21-23

The “Black Light Art Exhibition” that will take place on January 21, 22 & 23 at FRESHART College of Arts in Limassol, focuses mainly on works of art created in the last 3 years, combining string art, augmented reality & stencils on canvases in various shapes and sizes (some of which are on sale), as well as various stickers that were created by combining different programs.
A very special installation called “YOU ARE ART” will put the visitor on canvas, presenting him as a unique work of art, where he will create.
The exhibition will be open from 16:00 until 21:00.
Alexandros Domouchtsis, born in Serres, moved to Cyprus at the age of 6 with his family.
A graduate of the Ionian University of Sound and Visual Arts, he realized over time that the courses that interested him had to do mainly with creativity and imagination. From there the string art started in combination with Ultra Violet lighting. Many of his works were sold, while others decorate various events.
At the beginning of 2020, Alexander created the “Fractal Magus”. A brand new project, which focuses on Live Visuals and Blacklight Decorations, giving a different unprecedented sense of color, pattern and image to the space and to the dance floors. It was presented at major events in Cyprus, mainly electronic music, indoors and outdoors, leaving the best impressions and bringing a magical, surreal feeling to the space.
Along with these, the Nychtovio Crew was created. An event organization, of which Alexandros is one of the two founders. Nychtovio Crew, organized last September its first “public” event, with great success, in an outdoor location next to a magnificent landscape in nature, where Fractal Magus presented for the first time in public the Live Visuals and his works, continuing afterwards with the following events, until today.
Where January 21 – January 23 from 4pm till 9pm
When Freshart College of Arts, Limassol

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