Whats OnConcertsNama Dama - Della at Sarah's Jazz Club on November 3

Nama Dama – Della at Sarah’s Jazz Club on November 3

Sarah’s Jazz Club welcomes two unique, musical performance acts! Nama Dama and Della join forces and are playing a show just for you, in Nicosia on November 3, 21:00! Nama Dama is a performance act that usually consists of original music combined with poetry, monologue and live looping. It is therefore an experimental act that invites the audience to step in and experience a different reality. Every time, the setting is different and the performer puts new topics on the table to explore.

Della’s music comes to life through raw, honest and, at times, self-deprecating lyrics, delivered by captivating, deep vocals with biting overtones. Her main source of inspiration has always been surreptitious love. The solo project is brought to life with band members.
Alex AK: guitar
Filios Petrou: bass
Ulaş Ögüç: drums
Starts at 21:00
Entrance fee: €10
To reserve your place, call or send a text at 95 147711.
Sarah’s Jazz Club Xanthis Xenierou, 35 Nicosia 1015

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