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Academic Drawing Workshops

The methodology for Classical Drawing is a proven, step-by-step process, aiming at the realistic visualization of a subject (still life, landscape, portrait, figure.)

Through a series of drawing exercises, participants study methods for recording a reference in line, shape, volume, cross-contour, proportion, light logic, perspective, and compositional space.

Each class focuses on a theoretical and practical application and its function in drawing.
The program includes exercises with a life model for expressive drawing with quick poses and measurement practice with long poses. It will also include studies by referencing classic master’s paintings (master copy) and cast sculptures, where a three-dimensional form is documented on the two-dimensional space of the paper. Art and theory are combined in order for the participants to reach a level of creative independence.

This introduction stands as the first seminar of a series using linear materials (pencil and charcoal) where the study of measurement of shadow and tonality will lead to the specialization of producing form with varied shades of colour at a later stage.

The seminar includes:
– Observational and Still life Drawing
– Cast Drawing
– Anatomy Theory
– Life Drawing using a live model
The methodologies the participants will learn to use are:
– Measurement Techniques
– Positive and Negative Space
– Contour lines and Form placing
– Light and Shadow placement
– Shaping and building the form
– Perspective
– Visual Arts vocabulary use
– Experimentation with traditional and non-traditional mediums and techniques.

Who can participate:
This workshop is suitable for students preparing a portfolio for Schools of Fine Arts, university students of similar disciplines seeking specialization in specific fields and finally, amateur and professional artists who want to enrich their skill set.

Every Wednesday 18:00-21:00 from 22/03/2023 and Thursday 18:00-21:00 until 29/06/2023.

In total: 28, 3-hour meetings

The seminar is led by artist Mikaella Socratous, a multidisciplinary artist focusing on classical methods to cultivate surreal narratives. After studying Interior Design at the Glasgow School of Art, she decided to engage in learning about the craftsmanship of classical realism drawing and painting from the Barcelona Academy of Art.

For more information:
22510100** IMPORTANT: Limited places available – Early booking is NECESSARY

Arc. Kyprianou 32 Ave., Strovolos, 2059, Nicosia, Cyprus

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