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1960-1974, Nicosia: GALLERIES

The exhibition, ‘1960-1974, Nicosia: GALLERIES’, organised by the Lefteris Economou Cultural Foundation, opens on March 18, 2023, at GARAGE art space.

The exhibition constitutes the first part of a trilogy of research-based exhibitions, concerning Galleries and exhibition spaces in Nicosia from 1960 to the early 2000s.

This current exhibition is dedicated to the Galleries of Nicosia that operated in the 1960-1974 period. Specifically, among the exhibition spaces of that period, the following were chosen to be presented: Akropolis gallery (School of the Blind), APOFASIS 1 & 2, Argo, Enosis Neon Trast, Ledra Palace and Hilton.

The research of this current exhibition was done on the occasion of a poster of Lefteris Economou (1930-2007) found in his studio, from his solo exhibition, presented at ‘Enosis Neon Trast’ in May 1960.

The contribution of these spaces to the configuration of a new climate in the artistic field was and remains undoubtedly consequential. The decisive role of these spaces, in the development of aesthetic perception, in familiarising the public with art, but also the enormous importance of promoting the work of the young artists of that time, determined the artistic course of the city. Due to the limited promotion of cultural life in general, the private initiatives of individuals with a vision led to the establishment of these spaces, setting new standards for the local visual art scene.

The research exhibition presents archival, photographic and audio-visual material, inclusive of interviews with artists active in this period. The exhibition will document the historical context of these spaces and the essential role they contributed to; in the cultural infrastructure of the city as focal points of visual reference, as spaces for experiential aesthetic learning, as viewing spaces and even as spaces for entertainment and visual arts gathering.

Galleries and exhibition spaces helped the public to: get closer to the exhibits, gain artistic experience and meet the artists, thus bridging the gap between the public and the art world. It is a functional need for the creator to show his work, as, for the audience, it is a requirement for them to communicate with the art.

The galleries and exhibition spaces were and continue to remain the communication channel, the connecting link between the creator and the viewer.

The exhibition was made possible by the support of the Deputy Ministry of Culture of Cyprus and the Cultural Services.

Supporting: Digital Herodotus – RIK, Press and Information Office, G.H Foundation
Curatorial team:
Myrto Theocharidou
Maria Leonidou
AnnaMaria Charalambous

Popi Pissouriou

Video production:
Hector Papageorgiou

Opening: Saturday, March 18, 2023: 19:00
Duration: March 21 – April 12, 2023

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 17:00-20:00

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