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Γιόrkin project

We are entering the New Year with a very special concert at Technopolis 20, on Friday 6th of January 2023 at 20:00 with the Γιόrkin project.

The project was created by eight young Cypriot musicians, with composers and performers alike. Bound together by their shared love for music and their homeland, they want to showcase contemporary Cypriot music. The composers Apollon Kalamenios, Rafaellos Christofi, Voris Sarris, Veroniki Rezai and Alexandros Darna composed pieces for the ensemble consisting of Nikola Janjic on the clarinet, Marilia Andreou on the viola and Phaedra Mylona on the piano.

In the concert, compositions of the young musicians will be presented, showing different ideas of contemporary classical music and perceptions of sound.

The ensemble will present the following compositions:Three pieces (7’), Apollon Kalamenios
In Memoriam (4.5’), Alexandros Darna
Minalgia for piano solo (4’), Veroniki Rezai
Flame on Water (15’), Rafaelos Christofi
Piece for solo clarinet (4’), Veroniki Rezai
Trio for clarinet, viola, and piano (10’), Voris Sarris

Entrance: €10 / €5

Tickets available at Technopolis 20 art centre. Call for working hours.

Information/reservations: 70002420

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